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Prefabricated Chimney Water Issues

water damage to stone chimney

Although, prefabricated systems are extremely safe and well put together, certain parts of the chase around your firebox and pipe can allow water into it after the integrity has been lost in any of the various pieces installed to protect it. The easiest to recognize would be the cap but the most common is a rusted chase cover. A lot of these parts of the system are not prefabricated and are custom made to your specific system.

Chimney caps are an essential part to your chimney system. This protects against rain, animals and debris from getting into your home. It can be detrimental or even deadly to neglect putting a cap on. These are designed to fit over the opening of your flue and are premanufactured to fit the specific opening of your chimney. Prefabricated systems have specific caps corresponding to their make and model.

onsite fabricated chase cover and caps
refurbushed cap.jpg
rusted chimney cap

                              are a c shaped piece of sheet metal that is fstened around pipe to divert water. 

Storm Collars

wind shroud refurbish.jpg

                      is a large metal fabrication that attaches to the chase cover. It blocks any wind blown rain from entering the flue through the cap.


                           - the top piece of metal covering the entire chase or in some cases masonry. The metal used most often is galvanized steel. However, it can be made of stainless steel or copper which will not rust. It must cover the top piece of trim board on the chase and have permanent pitch.

Chase Cover

pooling water and rusted chase cover

In this picture, we can see the results of lack of pitch. Rusting of the chase cover and water being released into the chase through pinholes. This particular one allowed water to flow directly over the neck of the chase cover.

rusted with hole
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