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Stainless Steel Chimney Liners


The flue of the chimney is the most important part of your system. It contains and removes the harmful smoke, heat and CO2 from entering your home. Over time, whether masonry or prefabricated, the flue can deteriorate. Water, chimney fires or even plants growing can reduce the integrity of the flue system. Once the system loses this, it will allow the life threatening CO2 and smoke into your home. Furthermore, if there is a chimney fire, the embers can then escape the flue and ignite your home. 

A chimney liner can be installed to restore the integrity of the chimney and allow homeowners continue use of their fireplace, worry free. This is usually of a stainless steel construct and is installed inside of the existing flue. These significantly increase the longevity of your chimney's use if kept swept properly. Like prefabricated pipe, chimney fires will change the composition of the liner ruining its integrity and allowing harmful substances in your home. 

chimney flue

All three of these chimneys have flues that are not sealed. These can allow the once trapped hazards, outside of the flue system into the home.

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