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Leaky Ch  mney?

chimney drawing
green fire
crown disentigraded
falling apart chimney
cracking chimney crown

Due to the overall nature of water erosion, chimneys need to be protected because of the various ways they can be deteriorated by water. When you look at the porous nature of a brick, you can understand how it absorbs water. The way a flue heats up is something that will be deterred if there is water sitting next to the flue. It will have to evaporate the water before it can ever warm up the flue. This will create a lazy roll and push smoke back into the home. To deter these water issues from happening we perform or install a various amount of deterrents.

Flashing- this is sheet metal around the base of the chimney that goes underneath the shingles and prevents and water from coming in between the chimney and roofline


Cricket- a cricket is a peak going to the center of the chimney to the roof of the house. It is used to divert water from the face of the chimney when the face width exceeds 30”

cricket diagram.png
rain diverter

Rain Diverters- this is a piece of flashing that is installed underneath the shingles with an upside down rigid J coming out of the 90 degree turn. This blocks water and diverts it at the angle installed

The following services are part of the 4 stage category of waterproofings. They include a 10 YEAR WARRANTY when performed with waterproofing spray. Flashing sealant when performed alone carries a 7 YEAR WARRANTY


Tuckpointing- applying silicone to small cracks in the brickwork or if the void is to big applying new mortar


Elastomeric Crown- this is a rubber cement applied when there are cracks and voids in the crown. However, if the crown has deteriorated has been deteriorated too much or if a new crown has already been bid, a new crown is applied with cement and the elastomeric over top of it.


Flashing Sealant- this is a rubberized paint that is painted over the flashing to seal it and prevent water problems


Waterproof Sraying- a porous water proofing sprayed onto the chimney. This allows the chimney to breathe and evaporate all of the moisture in the chimney


Needs Tuckpointed

water damage chimney

Needs Rebuilt Crown

Elastomeric Crown Seal applied


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