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Masonry Chimney Services

Masonry chimneys are built to last. Some can last longer than 100 years if properly kept up. They can be constructed of many different kinds of brick, stone or even cinder block. Most older home were constructed with these to allow the furnace to vent harmful gases outside of the home, which is why you may see more than one flue coming out of your chimney, while only having one fireplace. You may be surprised to find entrances into your chimney from the basement where an old wood stove had been piped in. Even water heaters that use natural gas can be found to vent through the chimney. With it being such a vital part of your home, caring for your chimney is an essential part of being a home owner. From knowing you are safe to use your fireplace to having the confidence water is not being absorbed by your chimney and releasing it into your home, a call to The Floo Network for your masonry chimney needs will keep your mind at ease!!! 

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