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Do you have a freestanding woodstove?

The Floo Network knows how important your wood stove is to you. These long lasting home heaters have been the go to for generations during those frigid winter nights. Regularly servicing these is imperative to using them safely. The intense heat from the fires burned in these can ignite creosote and cause some of the most detrimental chimney fires. The Floo Network has you covered when needing piece of mind during the burning months or installing a new unit for you to introduce true warmth into your home. 

woodstove insert

Is your damper getting rusted and just too difficult to operate? Why not get your fireplace updated with a top sealing damper? These replace the need for a cap and allow you to seal your entire chimney system off from the top! This virtually prevents anything from getting into your flue while the damper is closed. No animals, water or debris to worry about entering your home with this new addition to your chimney. Get yours installed today!! 

Chimney diagram w top sealing damper
top closing damper

Looking to upgrade your damper?

gutter covers
filled gutters


Hire The Floo Network, LLC to allow your gutters to drain freely again. We clean, repair and install debris covers!!!

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