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Inserts and Freestanding Stoves

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The best residual heat you will ever get!! Freestanding stoves and inserts often made from cast iron, were the staple back in the day and still can be found in all kinds of home styles. Whether freestanding or an insert in your fireplace, these should be attached to metal liners or stove pipe for venting. There are a variety of fuel sources from coal and pellet to corn stoves. Contact The Floo Network to get yours installed the right way!


Unfortunately, these systems are thought to be indestructible by those unfamiliar with how bad it can be if sweeps are neglected. Like any venting heating system, the vent must stay unobstructed and combustible materials kept at a minimum. The thick creosote and tar buildup from these unswept systems produces some of the worst, most devastating chimney fires reaching temperatures of 2000 °F or more. When cleaning these systems, they are inspected thoroughly afterwards for fire safety and proper functioning. 

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